Sunday, December 30, 2012


Lord knows I've changed this year. "I feel as if I'm always on the verge of waking up," which is how I do feel, but occasionally, every week or so, I feel as if I am waking up. I have an awakening Oh, that's what I want. That's where I want to go. This is how I really feel. This is how I really am.

I've never felt so content and happy with myself, in this place I live in, and the people around me. I've accomplished a lot for myself in 2012- I changed my major, volunteered as a teacher at a non-profit, interned for a gallery, studied abroad, found myself.

I have many goals for this coming year. After a reveling 4 seasons, I'm ready for another round.
  • Exercise more regularly
  • Do a juice detox
  • Plant a herb pot
  • Drink tea instead of coffee
  • Eat healthier, broaden my cooking abilities
  • Read as many books as possible
  • Professionally document my artwork, and finish my website
  • Purchase a DSLR
  • Intern at a museum

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